Emotional Design

: Design Odd is a company specialized in character development/licensing, established for the development of character & animation cultural industry of Daejeon region in 2016. Using numerous characters such as ‘FOGWING(frog wing)’ ‘FOGWING2(frog wing2)’ ‘KKOBANA(banana character)’ ‘JULBI(sausage character)’ ‘BADUGI(puppy character)’, and ’SIMPEULTTANG(peanut character)‘, it has developed stationery, fancy, smart phone case, fashion, and living goods for the purpose of production/sales in the method of OEM. Especially, it is focusing on the animation production using ‘FOGWING’. Based on the experience of producing elementary school notebooks sold from Daiso and Young Art in 2015 and 2016, and the experience in winning prizes from many idea contest exhibits, it will become a company presenting dreams, hopes, and imagination to children.


Development of characters, licensing, stationery goods, fancy goods, and smart phone case



My Creative and Simplicity Modern Projects

1st Floor, 209 Seonhwa-ro Dong-gu Daejeon-si(DESIGN ODD)